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Expect eccentricity!
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Portrait

Since I can’t clip from DeviantArt to Polyvore.

The face is a bit out of wack, sorry!


Polyvore Badge Widget Thingy Problems

So…I have a widget thingy badge whatever. Where do I put it?! I’m new to WordPress, sorry.

<div style=”text-align: left; “></div>


<a href=””><img src=”″ width=”120″ height=”60″ border=”0″></a>

Can I put it anywhere but a post?

**EDIT** It appears I cannot put it in a post…

– Selene ❤

Free Font Makers?

I am currently trying to find a FREE online font maker for translating handwriting into a font! I have iFont Maker for the iPad, but I am trying to find one that does not make me blow my handwriting up to weird sizes, and the thickness is weird on the iPad.

If anyone knows of a site that does this for free, please comment! I know a site (I forget what it’s called) that used to do it, but it now costs $9.

– Selene ❤

My Future

My Future

Club top
$40 –

Dragon Death Box
$60 –

Picture 2012-05-26 09-51-07

My Wizard101 Character

Yes, I still play this.
I spend my crowns *wisely.*

Expect Pictures

One other reason I made this blog (other than to write random stuff) is to upload pictures of my art to clip to Polyvore, because I cannot clip from DeviantART. So expect pictures! 🙂 They won’t all be art, though. My profiles: Polyvore & DeviantART. Check them out! ^-^